We are proud to introduce our replacement fillies.
These fillies will be added to our mare band in the future.  We will continue to try to improve our herd
while adding mares with good bone & good minds.
Hancock, Driftwood, & King will still dominate our bloodlines. 
These fillies are for referance only, they are not for sale
Speedy Roan Kate
2006 Blue Roan Filly
Sire: Speedy Roan Man
Dam: Blue Beauty Hancock
12.3% Driftwood
14.06% Driftwood

Cowgirl Tops
2005 Brown Filly
Sire: Cowboy Ben Driftin
Dam: Annie Tops
15.2% Driftwood 

CS Latte Valentine
2006 Bay Roan Filly
Sire: Bone Hanock
Dam: Hancock Girl 008
29.6% Blue Valentine
15.72% Joe Hancock  
CS War Creek Emily
2006 Brown Filly
Sire: Frosty Drifter Ike
Dam: War Creek Emily
14.06% Driftwood
12.5% Sun Frost
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Rafter Blu
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CS Seminole Romy

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Tomcat Cowgirl
2005 Bay Filly
Sire Cowboywood
Dam: Speedy Annie Wood
15.2% Driftwood
7.31% Sugar Bars
CS Windamire Roan
2006 Bay Roan Filly
Sire: Bone Hancock
Dam: CS Kings Magic Sugar
9.37% Joe Hancock
7% Sugar Bars
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