1999 Bay Roan
20 Crosses to Joe Hancock
            14.89% Joe Hancock
          26.562% Blue Valentine
              16.79% Red Man 
             91.2% Foundation
                                      Mr Roan Hancock blue roan
                       Hancocks Blue Boy blue roan
                                      Bluebird Hancock blue roan
         Blu Quachita Hancock blue roan
                                       Blue Valentine roan
                      Miss Hydy Girl blue roan
                                        Hydel Girl 44 palomino
Rafter Blu bay roan
                                        Ryolite red roan
                      Square lite red roan
                                        Squaretip red roan
         Square Triangle 
                                        Tyroan red roan   
                      Wakina Pal red roan
                                        Wakara Juds Pal red roan
Rafter is very gentle and level headed. He is a very nice working ranch horse. Leslie uses him for ranch work, which he does for a living.. He uses him for roping, gathering, sorting, dragging calves to the branding fire. He does a great job & holds up well under pressure  
 He is a true Hancock horse with a lot of bone, good muscle & a great mind. He 15.2H & weighs about 1,300lbs

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Leslie & Robin Morris 
Humansville, Mo 
Rafter has produced proven USTRC Rope horses, MO State timed event Rev Champion, Ranch Rodeo Horses, Chuck Wagon out rider horses & barrel horses, working ranch horses. 
He is a 100% Roan Producer
2019- 2021