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2013 Cross Spur Foal Crop

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Humansville, MO
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TKM Dory Frost
2008 Smutty Buckskin 14.1H
14% Driftwood
Exposed to Rafter Blu for a 2014 foal
Price $900 SOLD Thank you
Richard & Kali Moffett IL
2012 Colts
CS Ruger Berry Twist
2012 Chestnut Stud
Sire: CS Flint Drifter
Dam: Daisy Pearl Bluebery
Driftwood/ Blue Valentine
Should mature to 15.3 or 16H
Price $1500
CS Rocky Roan
2012 Bay Roan Stud
Sire: Rafter Blu
Dam: NS Jackie Bee Blue
12% Joe Hancock
Price $1500
SOLD thank you David Dixon MO

CS Shady Wood
2012 Bay Stud
Sire: Wood Wonder
Dam: Speedy Roan Kate
16% Driftwood
Price $1500
CS Della Wood
2012 Bay Filly
Sire: Wood Wonder
Dam: TKM Lexy Wood
18% Driftwood
Price $1000
CS Driftinsuperstitin
2012  Red Dun Filly
Sire: CS Flint Drifter
Dam: Kings Leona Leo
Driftwood/ Leo/ Sun Frost
Price $1400 SOLD
Thank you Jessica Leach AR
2012 Fillies
2013 Colts
CS Driftn Hawkeye
2013 Brown Stud
14% Driftwood Breeds back to Sun Frost
Sire CS Flint Drifter
Dam TKM Lexy Frost
Price $900 
2013 Fillies
CS Roan Flurry
2013 Buckskin Roan
Sire Rafter Blu
Dam: Ikes Skip N Skitter
Price $1800
CS Mango Voo Doo
2013 Red Roan Filly
Sun Frost/ On The Money Red
Sire: CS Voo Doo Frost
Dam: Frosty War Concho
Price $1500 
CS Suede Wood
2013 Bay Roan Filly
9.37% Driftwood
Sire: Wood Wonder
Dam: CS Blueberry Sass
Price $1400 
CS Driftn Lily
2013 Gray Dun
Sire CS Flint Drifter
Dam: Breezy Blue Hancock
Price $1000
SOLD Thank you Sonia Graham MO
CS Driftn Mercedes
2013 Chestnut Filly
Sire: CS Flint Drifter
Dam: Hancock Driften Lady
Price $1400