Doc's Jack Frost   by Doc Bar
Sun Frost
Prissy Cline  by Driftwood Ike
PC Bronsin
John Red   by Red Man
Red Rockette
Lonsum Rocket  by Lonsum Polecat
CS Voo Doo Frost
Bennie's Big Red  by Bennie Leo
On The Money Red
Dolly Priest   by Little Dick Priest
Reds Easy Money
Rocket Doo   by Voo Doo Rocket
Should Doo Chic 
Tardo Chic   by  Tardy Leo

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Cross Spur 
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Leslie & Robin Morris 
Humansville, MO 
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 PC Bronsin/ Reds Easy Money
   Sun Frost /On The Money Red

   2006 Buckskin Roan 
                Grandson of 
Sun Frost & On The Money Red 
CS Mandolin Voo Doo 
2015 Palomino Roan Filly 
CS Frizzlin Voo Doo 
2013 Dun Roan Filly 
CS Voo Doo Eclipse 
2014 Bay Roan Stud 
CS Diablo Voo Doo
2014 Bay Stud