Tweetys Blue Sparkle
2012    14.3H   Blue Roan
Tweety Boy Blue/ Richann Blu Sparkler
  10% Joe Hancock,
   22% Blue Valentine
  6.25% Driftwood
  Bar B Joseywood
2008  Buckskin 15.1H
    Mr Junewood/ Santex Joseywood
18.75% Driftwood
               25% Orphan Drift
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Ricochet Romance
     1999   15.1H  Black
Ricochet Tucker/ Blue Val Peppy Jack
   31.25% Blue Valentine
            12.68% Joe Hancock
            6.25% Mr San Peppyeny Bud
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Daisy Pearl Blueberry
    2000 Blue Roan 15.1H
Plenty Blueberry/ Misty Pearl Bailey
       12.5% Gooseberry
   18.75% Blue Valentine
         4.7% Ambrose
12.5% Brays Hy Diamond
  CC Zarah Platte
  2000 Blue Roan 15.3H
Platte Hancock/ Zarah Beard
  31.25 % Blue Valentine
     25% Blue's Beard
          6.25% Otoe
      3.125% Ambrose          
    Hancock Driftin Lady
         1999 Blue Roan  15.2H
Figure Four 437/ Figure Four 0214
25% Lone Drifter
   8.98% Joe Hancock
  12.5% Eddie
      96.88% FQHR
      Lone Driftn Rope
    2012 Buckskin
Yellow Cord / Tweety Hancock Tami
  10.5% Joe Hancock
          10% Driftwood
   25% Lone Drifter             

Misty April Moon pedigree
CS War Driften Sara
    2002 Dun
Blue Sonoita Hancock/ Shot Of War
     12% Joe Hancock
    15% Blue Valentine
6.25% Driftwood
94% Foundation           
    *CS Mystic Valentine
    2002 Bay
Blue Sonoita/ CS Kings Magic Sugar
      8.65% Joe Hancock
      15% Blue Valentine
  7% Sugar Bars                      
C       Pats Bluejeanslic
       2002 Gray Roan 15H
Pat Cowan/ Cowboy Cut Bluejeans
             25% Sun Frost
         18.75% Orphan Drift            
     CS War Driften Ruby
         2003 Red Dun  15.1H
Blue Sonoita Hancock/Shot Of War
           12% Joe Hancock
         15% Blue Valentine
            6.25% Driftwood   
     Blue Vals Jodie
    2003 Blue Roan   14.3H
    Mr Clyde Hancock /
    Ricochets Romance
    34.38% Blue Valentine
    12.5% Gooseberry
    TKM Lexy Frost
     2003 Buckskin    15H
      TKM Dakota Frost/
       TKM Lynnewood
      17.96% Driftwood
      12.5%Wayward Ike
      12.5% Docs Jack Frost
   CS Blueberry  Sass
    2004 Brown Roan  15.2 H
Rafter Blu/ Daisy Pearl Bluebery
    22.65% Blue Valentine
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  CS  War Driften Cocoa
    2004 BayRoan Dun 15.2H
Frosty Drifter Ike/  Shot Of  War
         14.06% Driftwood
         12.5% Sun Frost
        8.21% Joe Hancock
  Cowans Blue Lady
2004 Blue Roan     14.3H
            Pat Cowan/
       Ivys Lady Rooster
        25% Sun Frost
   12.5% Rainbow Sage
           Misty April Moon
           4/14/1985 - 7/19/2006
There are no words to describe the emptiness Misty left when she departed us this summer. We had owned Misty her whole life. She had been with Leslie & me all 21 years of our marriage. She was a grand lady. As Misty's spirit ran out across the pasture it took a little of our hearts with it.  
Her heritage will carry on in our program as long as we own horses

* mares marked with a * are Misty descendents
We will be happy to share our photos with you, just drop us email & ask first thank you 
CS War Creek Emily
2006 Brown Mare 15H
Sire: Frosty Drifter Ike
Dam: Miss War Creek
14% Driftwood
12.5% Sun Frost
Speedy Roan Kate
2006 Bay Roan 15H
Speedy Roan Man/ Blue Beauty Hancock
14.06% Driftwood
12.3 % Joe Hancock
Frosty War Concho
2003 Sorrel
12.5% Sun Frost
10.5% Driftwood
WA Azuls Blue Angel
2008 Blue Roan
Azuls Quickchickjr/ Ladys Angel Hancock
10.16% Joe Hancock
CS Ikes Last Rose
2009 Blue Roan
Frosty Drifter Ike/ Hancocks Driften Lady
11% Driftwood
12.5% Sun Frost
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Dew The Streak
2006 Bay Roan Mare
Sire: A Streak Of Fling
Dam: PC Sun Dew by Sun Frost
CS Ikes Skip N Skeeter
2004 Bucksin   15.1H
Frosty Drifter Ike /
RW Jaccaroseven
7.84% Driftwood
12.5% Sun Frost
CS Shiloah Valentine
2010 Bay Roan
Blue Sonita Hancock/
CP Miss Poco hancock
21% Blue Valentine 
Ojoss Peppy Gal
2001 Palomino Mare
Poco Diegos Ojos/ JL Buzz Poco Peppy
FQHR 90.6% Foundation
25% Poco Bueno
Rojos Silverwood
2010 Bay Roan Mare 15H
Blue Bridgets Rojo/ Rojos Buckskin
35.9% Blue Valentine
Hancocks Blue Beauty
2003 Blue Roan Mare 16H
Leo Hancock Hayes/ Whipp Hancock Minni
32.8% Blue Valentine
13.8% Joe Hancock
CS Bella Blu
2011 Blue Roan Mare 15H
Rafter Blu/ CC Zarah Platte
28.9% Blue Valentine
12.4% Joe Hancock

W Drifty Rose Wood
2011 Black Mare 16H
27% Blue Valentine
25% Drifts Chip