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*All deposits must be agreed upon & approved by
Cross Spur Quarter Horses. Deposits are non-refundable.
If horses are not paid for in full & picked up 30 days after the contracted date  (written or verbal) the deposit will be forfeited.
Balance on foals are due by Sept. 1st or when the foal is weaned which ever comes first 
All foals are branded with the Cross Spur brand before leaving Cross Spur Ranch.
This brand is registered with the state of MO.
**2013 Foals
Have been moved to theSale Barn Page
Rafter Blu
*Foals are sold off the mares. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold foals. Details are listed at the bottom of the page.
NO foal will be held with out a deposit 
After weaning 100% of the foal price is due 
Images from this site are not to be copied or used without the permission of Cross Spur Quarter Horses  
CS Voo Doo Frost
Pedigrees for the 2014 foals are posted here. Click on the number to see the pedigrees 
Photos & information will be added they arrive. They will start arriving around the last week of March
V3CS Sangra Voo Doo
Palomino Filly DOB 4/30/14
Dam: Cowans Blue Lady
Sun Frost/ On The Money Red/Driftwood
SOLD Thank you Jacque Broome MS
     Cross Spur
  Quarter Horses

   Leslie & Robin Morris
        Humansville, MO

CS Roan Ammaretto
Blue Roan/ Buckskin Filly DOB 4/27/14
Dam: Ikes Skip N Skeeter 
Blue Valentine/ Driftwood /Sun Frost
Price $1700 Not For Sale
2R) CS Roan Milly
Bay Roan Filly DOB 4/19/14
Dam: Ricochets Romance
28.5% Blue Valentine
Price $1600 SOLD
Thankyou Keri Camp DVM MI
3R)  CS Lil Val Roan
Blue Roan Filly DOB5/19/14
Dam: Blue Vals Jodie
30% Blue Valentine
Price $2000 SOLD
Thank you Judy Niebruegge MO
CS Flint Drifter
V6CS Voo Doo Eclipse
Bay Roan Stud  DOB 4/15/14
Dam:CP Ms Poco Hancock
Sun Frost/ On The Money Red/ Blue Valentine
Price $2500 SOLD
Thank you Dan & Kasey Etbauer OK
CS Streaka Mojo
Bay Roan Filly DOB 4/18/14
Dam: Dew the Streak
Sun Frost x 2 / On The Money Red /
A Streak Of Fling  - 
SOLD   Thank you Bradi Benefield GA
1F CS Driftn Emery
Dunskin Filly DOB 4/28/14
Dam: Pats Bluejeans
Sun Frost x 2/ Driftwood x2
SOLD Thank you Jacque Broome MS 
3F CS Driftn Leona
Dun Filly DOB 4/25/14
Dam: Kings Leona Leo
Driftwood/ Sun Frost/ Leo/ King
Price $1500
SOLD Thank you
Cheri Robbins FL
2F  CS Driftn Berry Twist
Dark Dun Filly DOB 5/17/14
Dam: Daisy Pearl Bluebery
Driftwood/ Sun Frost/
Blue Valentine
Price NFS
V2 CS Frost My Tequila
Roan Filly  DOB 6/10/14
Dam::CS War Driften Sara
Sun Frost/ on The Money Red/
Price $1800
SOLD Thank you Elva Hinojosa CA
CS Roan Blu Clovis
Blue Roan Stud DOB 4/25/14
Dam: WA Azuls Blue Angel
12% Joe Hancock
Price $2600
SOLD Chris & Amber Uder MO
4F CS Driftn Wren
Bay Dun  Filly DOB 5/5/14
Dam: TKM Lexy Frost
14.5% Driftwood
Price 1500
F7CS Driftn Apple Jack
Red Dun Stud DOB6/12/14
Dam: Breezy Blue Hancock
Driftwood/ Hancock
breeds back Sun Frost/ Jet Smooth 
Price $1500
CS Roan Pebbles
Bay Roan Filly DOB 4/23/15
Dam: SRR Fourwood Lonsum
19.5% Blue Valentine/ Driftwood
Price $1400
V5 CS Chiffon Voo Doo
SmokyBlue Roan Filly DOB 57/14
Dam: Hancocks Driftin Lady
Sun Frost/ On The Money Red/ Driftwood
Price $1800 SOLD
Thank You Jackie Hoffman AZ
CS Diablo Voo Doo
Bay or Bay Roan Stud DOB 4/24/14
Dam: Speedy Roan Kate
Sun Frost/ On The Money Red/ Speedy Roan Man
Price $1800 SOLD
Thank You Jackie Hoffman AZ
F8 CS Driftn Bar Fly
Red Dun Stud  DOB 4/21/14
Dam: Ojoss Peppy Gal
Driftwood/ Poco Bueno/ Mr San Peppy breeds back to Sun Frost
Price $1500
C1 CS Blu Jasmine
Blue Roan Filly DOB 4/2/14
Dam CS Ikes Last Rose
Blue Valentine/ Driftwood/ Sun Frost
Price $2000 SOLD Thank you
Wendy Sumner MO
CS Cimarron Roan
F5 CS Driftn Shevy
Dun Roan Stud DOB 5/8/14
Dam CS Blueberry Sass
Driftwood/ Sun Frost/ Blue Valentine
Price $1800  SOLD Thank you
Mark Vaugh SR NC
R7 CS Roan Goblin
Red Roan Filly DOB5/19/14
Dam; CC Zarah Platte
28.9% Blue Valentine
Should mature to 15.2H +
Price $1400 SOLD
Thank you Judy Niebruegge MO