PC Bronsin by Sun Frost 
Frosty Drifter Ike                                                                                     Driftwood Janae by Ciderwood   
                        CS Flint Drifter
                                             Hancocks Sandhill
CS Driftycat Hancock 
Shot Of War by War Conchos Drifter
CS Driftn Slate 
Bucko Jack by Docs Jack Frost
TKM Dakota Frost
Drifts Doll by Orpahn Drift
 TKM Lexy Frost 
Ciderwood by Orphan Drift
TKM Lynnewood
Adons Luckyette by Wayward Ike  
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This page was last updated on: July 7, 2022

   2015 Buckskin     14.84% Driftwood 
19.53% Driftwood Ike
17.91% Orphan Drift
Slate is a very nice young horse, he has a lot of bone & very good feet. 
He is very gentle & very willing  to learn.  Cowy and very willing to work, very very athletic & quick 
He is 15.2H & very stout built. 
He is the result of many years of our breeding program. 
He is AQHA 5 panel tested N/N  
​*Does not stand to the Public 
Cross Spur Quarter Horses reserves the right to refuse any mare .
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Carrying on the        bloodlines
Frosty Drifter Ike